What Do People Prefer When Buying A Home, Carpeting Or Laminate Flooring?


I am planning on selling my home. I have replaced the carpeting in the playroom for laminate flooring. The carpeting downstairs needs to be replaced. I need to know what sells best, carpeting or laminate flooring.

Laminate seems to be the current trend. Unless it’s a really neutral carpet (bland), it’s pretty well personalized and make it a harder sell. On the other hand, so is laminate if you don’t get a really neutral tone. Mine is cheap Pergo and I would have preferred carpet over the orange-y tone of these floors. But I basically stole the house, so it’s okay. :) If you want to go with carpet, berber is popular. It’s durable and low maintenance.
Good luck with the sale!
BTW, after I bought my 25 year old house, I replaced all of the wall outlets and light switches with the nice decora/rocker style, with slide dimmers in the bedrooms and bathrooms. It really dressed the place up, and was cheap! I did it myself, if you’re handy with a screwdriver and know your circuit breakers. I think it would make an impression.

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